The IAM identifier is currently run by Pamela Dingle, a long-time identity nerd and someone who could never find that one amazing article on passkeys after she finished doomscrolling for the day.  She needed an external memory for all the amazing information out there and she wanted to publish thoughts of her own… thus was the IAM identifier founded.  While Pamela’s day job involves working in Identity Standards at Microsoft, that illustrious company is not affiliated with this website.

The IAM identifier is not currently monetized in any way and isn’t expected to have a lot of bells and whistles. Pam reserves the right to curate topics she likes and content she finds value in, within the bounds of the number of hours a week she can afford to set aside.  You are welcome along for the ride!  


A woman with pink hair, a pink shirt and a mischievous smile
Pam laughing at the weirdness of writing about herself in the third person